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Borden Business Park

Borden Business Park LLC (BBP) is a former Kimball International Inc manufacturing/distribution facility that was purchased by the Koetter Family in 2009.   BBP is located in Borden Indiana, a small town between the FedEx World Hub in Indianapolis and the UPS World Hub in Louisville KY because this region is less than 1 days drive to over 83% of the US population.  BBP has great access to major interstates in all directions and is located directly on Highway 60.  Highway 60 is the direct route of an abundant rural workforce traveling to Louisville and the surrounding areas with a traffic count over 11,000 vehicles per day.    The park is situated on over 16 acres of land with more than 100,000SF of build to suite opportunity.   BBP consists of 2 buildings, the largest being over 350,000SF of contiguous space.  In 2019 a complete renovation was finished,  consisting of an entire new roof, a full interior and exterior wall restoration, LED lighting and  Fiber connection.   All of this allows BBP to offer the amenities of large warehouse and manufacturing space typically reserved for inner city properties without the concerns and costs of inner city business.  

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