Why Borden?

  • Borden is an employer friendly town located just minutes from Louisville Kentucky.

  • Borden favorably considers tax abatements for employers.

  • The Town of Borden has an abundant amount of skilled rural craftsmen.

  • Indiana, as a whole, is known as the "Crossroads of America" due to the more than 11,000 total highway miles and is intersected by 8 interstates - more than any other state in the nation.

  • Indianapolis is home to the second largest FedEx hub in the world (1-1/2 hour drive).

  • Louisville Kentucky is home to the largest UPS world port hub in the world (30 min. drive).

  • Close proximity to Indianapolis International Airport, Cincinnati Airport, and Louisville International Airport.

  • Indiana is known as an international leader in transportation, distribution, and logistics.

  • Indiana is within 500 miles of 1/3 of the U.S. population (1 day drive).

  • Indiana has fully modern ports. Ships can sail directly from Indiana to the Atlantic Ocean, or to the Gulf of Mexico from our ports.

  • Indiana ranks seventh in the nation in NAFTA trade export value, at $12.3 billion annually.

  • Bloomington, Indiana (45 min. from Borden) is ranked first in the nation as the "Best City to Locate a Warehouse in America", based on average distance to customers and transport time, according to Industry Week Magazine.


Borden Business Park, LLC

555 East Water St. (Hwy 60)

Borden, IN 47106


Tel: 812-399-9119